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What's New This Week?

New products this week see us going from the heavy, battle-ready to the light and breezy and ready for spring and a new texture set thrown in for good measure.

See what we've been busy with this week...

dForce Morphing Fantasy Armor Genesis 8 Male

Simple, stiff armor can now be a thing of the past with this incredible set; you can now utilise 14 conforming pieces, FBMs and a significant list of helper morphs when working with each piece - there's even a dForce-enabled AND fully bone-rigged loincloth.

On top of this, you will also receive four PBR texture sets with hierarchical presets; all of which are complete and extremely realistic, meaning you have the option to apply various textures to all pieces at once or to mix and match in order to find even more great variations.

There are versions for both male and female characters and each comes with their own textures but with the UVs being compatible, you also have the added option of mixing between versions.

With so much offered up here, it's very likely that this armor will become the most flexible and go-to fantasy armor you own.

dForce Nuits D'été for Genesis 8 Female(s)

The perfect outfit to take you from spring to summer! With a beautiful dress, earrings, necklace, ponshawl, bangles and shoes, this is a delicate, pretty outfit that can see your character from enjoying a walk through some scented gardens to relaxing with friends at a beachfront restaurant, overlooking the sea.

There is also an additional texture pack, dForce Nuits D'été: Divine, which sees a further four pretty outfit options for you to choose from.

Dragonfly: Nightowl

This is a texture pack for the Dragonfly NRH product and allows you to use your No Rotors Helicopter in even more scenes and situations. With another five textures to choose between, your characters can be off on far-flung forest adventures or flying out to survey the landscape for dangers, or anything else you can imagine. Wherever you choose your character to go and whatever they may be doing, this texture pack has the perfect look to ensure every eventuality is covered.

So, there you have another three products to get your juices flowing this week - we can't wait to see what you create. Show us you work at the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook Page.

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