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Soul Keeper Outfit and Textures Released

A great start to the week as we release another Daz original product, in conjunction with Sade - Soul Keeper.

This fantasy-style outfit is for Genesis 8 Female(s) and includes the outfit and the boots. The outfit elements can be altered to your preferences, including widening features of the boots, corset, jacket and the pants. The short bolero-style jacket and the corset are particularly impressive pieces in this outfit set that add unique quality.

Red headed woman wearing Soul Keeper Outfit by Moonscape Graphics and Sade for Daz3D

There is a variety of body shapes that can be applied, as well as 21 textures that are included for manipulating the height, metallic parts, roughness and included normal maps.

This is the ideal outfit for fantasty-inspired scenes, but, with regal elements, would also be at home in a medieval scene, for example.

The versitility of this outfit is something that is true of the Soul Keeper Texture Pack as well; with four complete outfits, complementary colour schemes, and 103 textures, height, metallic, roughness and normal maps, there are many options available. With this multifaceted texture pack, there are still the fantasty and regal themes that run through the Soul Keeper Outfit, however, this pack also offers added flexibility for scenes, including sci-fi and cyberpunk elements, seen in the form-fitting, shiny leather trousers with tan-orange stripes circling the thigh.

The Soul Keeper Outfit and Texture Packs complement each other perfectly and offer so many choices to mould your own flexible fantasy scene and we can't wait to see what you guys create; don't forget to tag the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page for any renders you create.

#redhair #fantasyoutfit #Daz3D #DazOriginal #medieval #MoonscapeGraphics

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