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Photon Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

Generating a complete Cyberpunk vibe, the Photon Outfit for Genesis 8 Female by Mada is perfect for adorning all of your space heroes fighting battles in the solar systems on their spacestations. The outfit works perfectly with your Anime characters as well as other Genesis 8 Female characters working hard to rid the world of crime - on Earth and beyond.

Included in the set is a full body suit, complete with conditional grafts so that you can easily hide and show pieces of your choosing - hands, legs, sleeves, top hide. There is also a belt and roller boots.

In addition to us working on the main outfit, we have also created the extra Photon Outfit texture pack that includes four stunning colour alternatives for you to choose from - always ensuring that any scene and character is catered for.

Show the extent of your character's courage and bravery with this Photon outfit - out now!

You can share your renders on the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page.

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