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Our Originals

As well as working on some incredible Daz Originals, we've also been busy with our own creations and wanted to share a few of them with you here,

dForce Morphing Fantasy Armor for Genesis 8 Female(s)

For too long now, armour has been stiff and stayed but it's time for all that to change with this new morphing fantasy armour.

This all-new dynamic set has 14 different conforming pieces, including a fully bone-rigged and dForce-enabled loincloth, not to mention a huge list of FBMs and helper morphs, meaning this is likely to be the most flexible armour you have in your fantasy library.

There are male and female versions and, whilst each has their own textures, the UVs are compatible.

As a bonus, you will also get four realistic and complete PBR texture sets and hierarchical presets, meaning that you have the option to apply textures to everything at once, or, alternatively, choose to mix and match to come up with even more great looks.

dForce Lazy Home Wear Outfit

Something everyone is making more use of recently are their stay at home, comfy outfits and now you can make sure that your characters are also staying safe by dressing them for a productive, yet comfortable, working-from-home outfit.

This outfit comes with a whole host of texture options, so you will have plenty of choice to see your character through any amount of time at home.

HH Wyvern Textures

Here's one to really get your teeth into, these dragon textures for HH Wyvern are fantastic for making a truly incredible fantasy image - it doesn't get much more fantasy than dragons - really let your imagination run wild with the renders for this one.

This package includes five 4K texture sets (Red Death, Mudroot, Shadow Dawn, Predator and Swamp Maker), all of which feature mix and match tongue and eye colour.

Wherever HH Wyvern decides to rest his wings, you can be sure he will do it in the most realistic style possible.

dForce Retro Active Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

This retro-inspired cropped sweater is perfectly complemented by a pair of high-waist jeans and is the ideal outfit for an number of scenes.

Included in this chilled-out outfit are 11 highly-detailed 4K texture sets, to ensure that you can achieve a range of different looks with this versatile ensemble.

Don't forget to showcase your artwork on the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook Page.

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