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New Texture Sets to Take Us into Spring

Spring is all about blossoming and a fresh start and we've got some new texture sets to make your current products really turn over a new leaf.

dForce Pajamas: Comfort

This pajama set adds another 10 outfit options to your characters' comfortable wardrobe. You'll get five short and vest options and five long-sleeved top and full-length trouser bottoms to choose from when working with your dForce Pajamas for Genesis 8 Male(s) base set. So no matter what the weather is doing this spring, you can be sure you'll have the perfect option for any temperature.

Thor Tank: Night Watcher

This tank texture set adds another four highly-detailed texture options for the fantastic Tank Thor product. Included in this set are presets to change the look of the tank, the bombs and ammo, as well as options for decal overlays - serial number and red star. This texture set means you can have the battle-worn tank of your dreams in no time.

Charming Rogue: Showtime

The dForce Charming Rogue for Genesis 8 Male(s) product is great for showing off the showman side of your Genesis 8 Male characters and this Showtime texture set really adds to the personality and charm you want emanating from your Rogue renders. There are another five highly-detailed textures available in this pack - each using a variety of material and patterns to ensure your character has the perfect outfit for every event.

Casual Spring: Authenique

For those holiday vibe renders, look no further than the dForce Casual Springtime for Genesis 8 Female(s) - this set includes a kimono, top, shorts and shoes and is the ideal ensemble for enjoying a balmy day out. For this go-to outfit, you're going to need alternative options and this texture set gives you just that - five in fact and each with complementary colour schemes that will have your characters looking refreshed and revitalised in your renders.

We can't wait to see how you update your old favourites with these new texture sets, so be sure to show off your work on the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page.

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