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Happy New Year

With the start of a new year, we thought it was the perfect time to look back over 2018 to revisit a few of this year's product highlights.

It's been a great year, especially working with Sade on a number of interesting and exciting new products, below are a few of our highlights:

Something to remind us at this time of year that the sun will shine again! Specs Appeal is a Moonscape Graphics original and one of my all-time favourite products. The versatility of the eight uniquely-styled spectacle frames working with the 20 Iray Materials and 13 3Delight Materials means that you have the option of changing each frame into a stylish pair of specs!

3D image render of an angry or upset girl wearing glasses and a ponytail

This texture pack works in conjuntion with DZfire's Generation 8 Cyborg and was a joint project with Sade.

The ability to mould this machine man into your own textured terminator means that you have the ability to customise to your liking, so whether you're after the Blue Steel or more of a Rust Bucket look or perhaps you just want to change the eye colour - you can make use of the 208 textures on offer in whatever way you want. I'll be back with another robot-inspired product next....sorry!

3D image render of cyborg humanoid robot with glowing yellow eyes

It was clearly a popular year for robots last year as this product was another of the joint ventures with Sade which saw a texture set released for DZfire's awesome SED10 creation. With the life-like metals and the unique shape and armour - SED10 was a great product to work on.

3D render of a metal cyborg humanoid robot with respirator

This pack features a versatile collection of shaders that can be used with Daz Studio Iray and has been made with high-resolution 4K tiling textures.

This Moonscape Graphics and Sade original offers 25 shaders that can all be easily applied on any surface within Daz Studio.

This invaluable resource also makes it possible to change opacity values, colour presets and tiling amounts. An amazing addition to anyone's repertoire.

3d render of a woman with curly hair wearing a red lace tshirt

The Holding Cell is another Moonscape Graphics product and as well as the cells that can cater for several detained suspects, it comes with an office, complete with a desk with computer, keyboard and monitor, a chair, a pin board and white board with marker. The realism comes as much from the scattered boxes, paperwork and level-altering tea and coffee within the mug as it does from the small texture details, such as the mesh inside the cell windows.

All 29 textures are ready to render in Iray with separate built-in light emitters for both the cells and the office.

3d render of a police holding cell with blue painted doors and cell cage

As well as creating and co-creating products like the above, Sade and Moonscape Graphics have also been busy working on a wide variety of Daz commissions and personal highlights of the multitude of items we've worked on would have to be:

Working on the leather in this outfit was a great challenge - to capture the look and feel to add to the realism. An ideal outfit for many fantasty-themed scenes.

The kimono is highly-decorated and elegant piece of clothing that has been worn for thousands of years and working on this product was a delight - to showcase the weight of the material, the quality - a very interesting study into the look of this very special outfit.

Japanese woman in traditional makeup wearing a green silk kimono with cloud pattern and standing in a traditional japanese room

To work on an all-black outft can be awkward - finding new and innovative ways of separating the different items of clothing can be difficult but Sade did a fantastic job here - showing the strong yet subtle differences between the witch's dress, shawl, and hat for example. Having the opportunity to pose a character in more unusual, hunched, poses was really interesting.

Complete with pastel pink coffin backback and matching fabulous shoes, this outfit was a fun one to work on - especially with the great opportunity to place her in neon cityscapes - very Blade Runner - perfect!

3d render of a young woman wearing a jumper with rabbit design and black acid wash jeans

The size of a pen pot but making up for it in style, this House Brownie was a great project. It offered the chance to play with concept and perspectives which resulted in a very cute little buddy to keep you company in your scenes.

It's been a fantastic year and we're really looking forward to what 2019 brings - there's lots in the pipeline, so be sure to keep an eye out on the Moonscape Graphics blog to be kept up to date, as well as the Daz 3D store for all new products. Thank you to everyone who helped make 2018 the best yet and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2019.

Lastly, if you are a daz Studio content creator and would like Moonscape Graphics and Sade to create textures or a texture expansion for your product, please feel free to contact us on either the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page or Sade's Facebook page or, alternatively, via our contact form.

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