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Happy New Year for 2020!

As January is now well and truly underway, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, we hope it's been a great start for you. We've hit the ground running this January and we're off to a promising start, with some great products and textures already building up. This year looks set to be just as prolific and fun as the last and we'd like to start by showing you a few of the new products that have been released so far. Drum roll, please....

Tengu Mokushiroku: Eternal

Working the robotic Samurai look is the Tengu Mokushiroku: Eternal, the texture pack for the Cyborg Generation 8, alongside Tengu for Cyborg Generation 8. This could help create some great, futuristic, battle scenes.

dForce Halcyon Days Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Creating a perfect holiday vibe, the dForce Halcyon Days Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) will whisk you away to balmy, sunnier climbs, ready for you to create a relaxing, sunset scene or an evocative beach scene that will help you escape the January winter blues. The dForce Halcyon Days Outfit Textures help to add a variety of outfit choices to your character's wardrobe.

dForce Flirtatious for Genesis 8 Female(s)

The dForce Flirtatious for Genesis 8 Female(s) outfit is a lovely halterneck dress that really adds fun and flirty into all of your images and with the dForce Flirtatious: Dawn texture pack, your character will be spoilt for choice.

Dominator Crab: Nemesis

If you own the Dominator Crab and you've been on the look out for some worn textures to show the battle-worn scars of your crab's past, then look no further as the Dominator Crab: Nemesis textures can add a layer of life to your machine that will let people imagine the extent of the battles it's been involved in.

Mage Apprentice For Genesis 8 Female(s)

The Mage Apprentice For Genesis 8 Female(s) is a great set for magicians in the making and the Mage Apprentice: Fable texture pack allows for your characters to work their magic in four extra ensembles - including in the exquisitely-designed lace stockings that will conjure up a further touch of charm to the scene.

dForce Classic Fur Cape for Genesis 8

The dForce Classic Fur Cape for Genesis 8 has a real versatility, especially when you add the available texture sets - the Classic Cape Animal Skins Textures and the Classic Fur Cape Fashion Textures. All three can be purchased as a bundle and together they allow for you to be able to create modern fashion scenes, along with scenes more reminiscent of Game of Thrones, with battle-weary Wildlings trudging the snow - versatility indeed.

Universal Dress: Fyre

Universal Dress: Fyre is the texture pack that adds to the wonderful dForce Universal Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s), along with the UD Expansion 1 - Samhain. This outfit is a fantastic staple to add to your collection, whilst offering the perfect dress for a castle scene, there are many options that wouldn't be out of place for a night out on the town today.

Valiant Tank: Wrath

Adding the used, rusty edge to your machines is just what's needed sometimes to get the right narrative across from your render and the Valiant Tank: Wrath does just that. Add a further layer of story to your Valiant Tank renders.

dForce Boho Boutique Serenity: Allure

More summer-loving outfits coming your way with the dForce Boho Boutique Serenity: Allure texture pack, perfectly accompanying the dForce Boho Boutique Serenity outfit. Let your characters enjoy a summer breeze, drink in hand and the winter blues a mere distant memory.

dForce Backyard BBQ Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)

This dForce Backyard BBQ Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s) is a great outfit for your characters to show off their cooking prowess, complete with apron, your barbecues will be perfectly catered for with this guy in charge. The additional dForce Backyard BBQ Outfit Textures will add even more apron and outfit choices to choose from, summer is well and truly covered this year!

Socks In Krokz Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)

There are times when we all value comfort over style and your Genesis 8 Male characters will thank you for the freedom of enjoying their day in the comfort of their Socks In Krokz Outfit. Show that your characters don't need to constantly look their best - their life is about more than looking sharp 24/7. In addition, there are four more outfits to choose from in the Socks In Krokz Outfit Textures set, so there's no excuse not to feel at your comfiest any day of the week. Style over substance is so overrated!

dForce Mollie Candy Dress Textures

The dForce Mollie Candy Dress is a versatile outfit for your Genesis 8 Female character to take her from lunch out with friends to a date night with her partner. For such an adaptable outfit, you will love the additional dForce Mollie Candy Dress Textures set that adds a further eight options for whatever your character has planned for the day and night ahead.

dForce Gypsy Soul for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Show your character's free spirit with the dForce Gypsy Soul Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s). This whimsical ensemble is only enhanced by the additional texture set, Gypsy Soul: Kezia, which boasts a further four designs for you to choose from.

dForce Bellowtalons Knight Outfit Textures

The dForce The Bellowtalons Knight Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s) now has the perfect additional textures to complement it, with the new dForce Bellowtalons Knight Outfit Textures, that add a further eight options for your brave knight. With regal colours and layers of rust, hammered metal or gleeming metal finish, your hero can look like he's ready for battle, or returning after a victorious fight.

dForce Playtime Chills Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

For all of those fun, female characters who still want to play during the winter, comes the perfect outfit for keeping her warm during the fun and games -