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Gruesome Goth for Genesis 8 Male

The darkside is always fun - there's something that draws us to it - the intrigue, the lure of something different.

Let your characters show their interesting side off in PoisonedLily's Gruesome Goth Outfit for Genesis 8 Male - the hoodie, pants, goggles and awesome chunky boots all combine to create one heck of an outfit - and one equally at home at night or during the day - maybe at a skatepark.

To add to the choice of outfits your gruesome goth has - why not check out our additional Gruesome Goth: Rebel texture pack? There are four additional outfits to choose from - each offering its own particular brand of goth imagery to suit all situations.

There's nothing to fear - have some fun with these great Gruesome Goth outfits today!

Show us what your characters get up to by posting your renders to the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page.

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