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dForce Street Smarts Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)

As well as the new Diego 8 character being the perfect brave Matador, he's also very much at home in his more modern dForce Street Smarts Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s) as well.

This new Street Smarts Outfit by Barbara Brundon and Umblefugly shows a whole new side to Diego's character - less traditional and themed and more contemporary, bold and confident - he may not tame the bulls, instead it's the streets that he rules over.

With dForce dynamic cloth functionality as well - the outfit will react realistically when posing - adding incredible realism to all of your renders. There is a headband, necklace, shoes, shorts, socks and top - this complete outfit is effortlessly simple and perfectly styled and with the addition of our dForce Street Smarts Outfit Textures, you'll have a further four outfits to choose from.

We'd love to see how much Diego can change just from a change of clothes - why not show us your transformations at the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page?

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