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dForce Matador Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)

With the release of the new character Diego 8, this dForce Matador Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s) is the perfect traditional outfit to show off the extent of Diego's style.

As a brave Matador, your character will be ready to tame bulls in the ring and to gather his fans in droves.

This stylish outfit by Barbara Brundon and Umblefugly is incredibly detailed, with dForce dynamic cloth making it react realistically to posing. The cape has a fantastic double-sided texture on it, adding amazing versitility, there is also a shirt, vest, jacket, jacket pads, pants, socks, shoes, hat and sword - each designed and styled to convey the tradition of this Spanish pastime in all the expected splendeur and romance that comes with it.

For more options, our Matador Outfit Textures are also now available, creating a further four options for you to choose from.

Show us your Matador makings at the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page and have fun with it!


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