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dForce Dimeros Outfit for Centaur 8 Male(s)

With the release of the Forest Marauder for Centaur, finding the right force to tackle them could have been tricky, but fear not, now you can compete centaur to centaur with the dForce Dimeros Outfit for Centaur 8 Male(s) by Barbara Brundon and Umblefugly.

This wise and just centaur will fight fair and true against the Forest Marauder to win the day as the rightous one.

With arm, waist and shoulder armour and dForce sash, this mighty mythical one will be ready to fight and protect at a moment's notice.

Never to let fashion fall by the wayside, even in matters of life and death, you can look your best in a number of centaur-friendly ensembles with our dForce Dimeros Outfit Textures which feature a further four highly-detailed outfits.

Don't forget to show us your renders at the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page.

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