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Bodypop Outfit and Textures

When you're looking for the perfect streetwear outfit, look no further than the dForce Body Pop Outfit for Genesis 8 Female by Nikisatez. This funky outfit will complete any streetscene, complete with its short and loose top, slouch pants, full-rimmed hat and chunky boots.

This outfit oozes style and is perfect for all Genesis 8 Female characters. On top of the textures for this outfit, we've also worked on a seperate Body Pop Oufit texture pack that includes an additional five outfits, each with its own street vibe and cool colourscheme.

The texture options for this set include Curiosity Generation, Nightmare Design, Snuggle Infinity and Z-Prophecy.

To show us your renders and scenes, you can tag them at the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page.

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