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Morning Walk Outfit and Textures

One woman in yellow tracksuit and one resting on a bench with track pants, running shoes and vest top - all from Daz3D Morning Walk Outfit

With Easter just passed, let’s face it - most of us will have eaten far too much chocolate than we probably should have - and now it’s time to up the exercise regime; so, why not start with your renders? - Might just help to get you in the mood.

This Morning Walk Outfit by Barbara Brundon and Umblefugly is the perfect outfit for your fitness-focussed friends in your renders - there’s the long-sleeved sports top, matching pants and sports shoes for them to wear at the gym during a work-out, for a morning walk or slow-paced Tai-Chi session at the park - no matter what the preferred way for getting back into shape - this set will provide the perfect outfit.

In addition to this outfit is the Morning Walk Texture Pack that includes further variety of styles and colour options, so you’re set for all sporting occasions - so enjoy the rest of your chocolate - you’re starting tomorrow!

All Morning Walk renders can be shared on the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook Page.

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