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Indo Spring Outfit

Two women standing by outdoor coffee table, wearing pretty, spring dresses and leggings - from the Daz3D Indo Spring Outfit

New for Genesis 8 is the Indo Spring Outfit by CynderBlue. This delicate, floaty spring dress is perfect for celebrating the season - with boots, leggings, tube top, babydoll dress and and bodybrace that enhances the outfit by attaching around the waist and neck and then joining in the centre.

The whole set is a lovely addition to any garden or park scene - a lovely picnic outfit for enjoying the longer spring days outside.

The additional Indo Spring Texture Pack adds such variety to the original outfit, including extra, complementary colour options and designs.

Welcome the warmer weather with this wonderful outfit.

It’s great to see the different ideas you all have when setting your scenes, so please do show us your creations and renders and share them with us at the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page.

#spring #sunny #pretty #dress #DazOriginal #daz3d #springdress #prettydress

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