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Dragon Sitter Outfit and Textures

Two women standing in front of a desk with piles of books on it, small dragons and a candle, wearing Daz3D Dragon Sitter Outfit

The Dragon Sitter Outfit by Barbara Brundon and UmbleFugly is a fantasy driven outfit with a beautiful, dynamic blouse, fitted dress, pants, boots and hip belt. An ideal outfit to use as part of a medieval scene, perhaps inspired by the fantastic return of Game of Thrones; create your own bid for the throne with this set.

The associated Dragon Sitter Texture Pack is the perfect addition. The texture pack puts together four highly detailed texture sets to join that of the original outfit set.

Get the Dragon Sitter Outfit and Texture Pack now and start work on training up your dragon in the perfect attire.

Share your renders at the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page.

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