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Mr Woo 8 Character

Daz3D Original featuring textures by Moonscape Graphics for Martial Arts outfit for Genesis 8. Image shows close up of an older Asian gentleman wearing Karate Gi.

Mr Woo 8 is out now in the Daz3D store - a dignified character who shows true dedication to ancient martial arts and to traditional Asian culture.

Strength and wisdom are key character traits for Mr Woo 8 and his Pro Bundle represents just how varied he can be - there is an abundance of outfits and poses at your disposal to help create accurate and powerful renders that the character deserves.

The Karate Gi for Genesis 8, created by Nikisatez and using our textures, is the perfect outfit for martial art combat and our supplementary Karate Gi Texture Pack can be used to enhance the scene - using colour combination as a complementary device for the scene or to add to your character’s story by highlighting his level of skill in the art.

Daz3D Original image showing Mr Woo 8 character - showing an elderly Asian man wearing traditional Asian clothes and hat.

The Showdown Outfit for Genesis 8, created by Mada and using our textures, is a great addition for the Mr Woo 8 character as it can help depict the different sides to both Mr Woo’s character but also to martial arts - you can have renders showing competitions taking place or, alternatively, you can show the mental strength and calm of the art by having Mr Woo wearing the Showdown Outfit whilst meditating in a beautiful, peaceful garden setting.

Complete with five combining sets, including headbands, jackets, pants and shirts, our Showdown Outfit Texture Pack is a perfect addition to the original outfit.

Please do continue to show us your incredible and imaginative renders via the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page.

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