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dForce Flared Chic for Genesis 8

Woman with short, choppy dark hair wearing Daz3D dForce Flared Chic Outfit for Genesis 8 (all-in-one black, sleeveless suit with stomach hole cut out and sparkly embroidered pattern on chest

A new outfit has come out today and if you’re after one that screams style then this is one you should take a look at.

With a stylish 70s vibe, Flared Chic by Lyrra Madril comes with five outfit options with our textures, as well as individual outfit additions to complement each one, including a belt, a pair of shoes and shaped sunglasses.

Set for a catwalk in Paris or an important work meeting in the city, your character, dressed in Flared Chic, will be ready for anything.

With so many variations, set for so many various scenarios, we’re intrigued to see where you take this one, so be sure to show us any renders you create at the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page.

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