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New Character: Mrs Chow 8

Mrs Chow 8 Character: Asian woman in purple smart evening dress, with grey hair, gloves, a purple bag and matching heeled shoes

A refreshing yet traditional addition to the character repertoire is the new release of Mrs Chow 8.

Mrs Chow may, at first, appear to be a very conventional character but never judge a book by its cover - this is a lady who’s equally at home enjoying a gentle walk through the gardens as she is spending a night on the town.

Showing the many sides of Mrs Chow’s personality are the outfits available for her to wear which can be purchased as part of the Pro Bundle or separately.

There’s the elegant Daytime Noir outfit by Barbara Brandon and Umblefugly that we created the textures for and that pairs a smart, midi dress with elegant gloves, courts and a large handbag.

We also produced the Daytime Noir Texture Pack that sees the addition of blouse and midi skirt texture options - perfect for all occasions.

We also created the textures for the Palace Robes outfit by Nikisatez. This beautiful outfit and the Palace Robes Texture Pack showcases the traditional element of Mrs Chow’s style.

As well as the above clothing options for this fabulous new character, there is also the option to add custom morphs to Mrs Chow 8 with the addition of Zhirong by Virtual_World. This product adds incredible life-like features to Mrs Chow and, although we didn’t work on this one, the Moonscape Graphics’ Specs Appeal glasses can be seen in the promos - which we loved to see!

Daz Original Character - Zhirong - Asian woman wearing Moonscape Graphics' Specs Appeal glasses - wearing grey jumper, with grey hair

We really would love to see your renders for Mrs Chow, so be sure to show us any you have done on the Moonscape Graphics’ Facebook page.

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