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Bridget 8 Character

Young, modern, stylish woman sitting cross-legged next to a computer on the floor

It's been a couple of weeks now since the new character of Bridget 8 was released and we wanted to take a look at the options available with this young, modern character.

This frecked, fresh-faced beauty is equally at ease gaming at home in her sweats or exploring her urban surroundings; she loves every facet of modern living and oozes the contemporary in every setting.

Bridget can also be purchased as part of the Pro Bundle, which includes a number of outfits, poses and hair.

The Riley Hair by 3DCelebrity is a fantastic product and the cropped, choppy pixie style cut is the perfect addition for Bridget in any scenario.

We worked on the textures for the Cool Kitty Outfit by Nikisatez for Bridget and also on an additional texture pack for this outfit. The Cool Kitty outfit was created by Nikisatez and is a cute ensemble, complete with tank top, hoodie, knee socks, shorts and sneakers. A nice thing to note is that the hood has a double-sided texture, so the inside has a different pattern/fabric to the outside - super kawaii!

The Cool Kitty additional texture pack has five new textures to add to the Cool Kitty collection, so Bridget can be ready for a last minute invite to a comic convention at a moment's notice!

Keep sending your renders of these great characters to the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page, we love to see what you've created!

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