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Landon 8

Continuing the theme of playing with duality and dual personalities, Daz3D has released the character of Landon 8.

This is a man who is cool, calm, handsome and charismatic by day, but come nightfall, especially under the watchful glow of a full moon, he becomes an altogether more fierce character to contend with and his primal focus will stop at nothing to get what it craves.

Image of Landon 8 character showing two versions of the options; cool guy in open leather jacket and fierce-looking werewolf alter-ego.

We have created textures for the Alpha Team Outfit, as well as for a separate Alpha Team Texture Pack for a more relaxed Landon, actually, retract that....he can really show some claws at any time of day..

Fierce-looking werewolf character with black outfit in cyber-punk scene.

If you're interested in more of an 80s vibe, Daz3D, Luthbellina and Nikisatez have created a Teen Wolf-inspired Outsider outfit, complete with varsity jacket and wistful nostalgia for an air guitar-playing werewolf surfing a bus...they really don't make films they way they used to in the 80s!

Daytime image showing two werewolves about to fight in alley

Show us your renders at the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page!

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