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Cyborg Generaion 8 Female

Following our teaser article published last Thursday, we are very excited to announce the release of the Cyborg Generation 8 Female figure and our Doomsday Texture Expansion.

Image showing female cyborg head with skin texture on face and glowing white eyes

Three synthetic skin options for the Human Head are also included

Following on our end-of-world theme, we have also released a texture pack to complement DZFire's character creation. Within this set you'll find a collection of rusty, battered, beaten up and seen-better-days textures that show every inch of the doomsday fight.

For those interested in just what a toll the end of days has on an android, you can also opt for the brand new, fresh off the production line model, showcasing the bright, shiny finish of an android yet to experience the perils of armageddon.

Female cyborg with new silver body armour with hands behind back in arched pose, with skin texture on face and glowing eyes

This boisterous bionic woman boasts five different texture sets which can all be applied to each and every aspect of the character, including, the endoskeleton, the body armour and all three head options. There is also a variety of eye colours to choose from, that shine from the metal casing and even an option for lights out for when your automaton hero has had all she can take.

This cyborg character is also built on the same rigging system as Genesis 8 Female, meaning that any of the Genesis 8 clothes and poses will be compatible, so why not let your cyborg relax after the apocalypse in a cosy hoodie and an old comfy pair of jeans? Robots deserve some downtime too, y'know!

Doomsday Textures for Cyborg Generation 8

are available now from


Show us your renders at the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page.

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