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Tasha 8 Character

The new Tasha 8 character shows off the different sides to her character - a feisty, strong woman during the day and really shows her teeth once the sun has gone down as her vampire alter-ego.

Tasha 8 Vampire character by Daz3D alter ego

With skin colours to suit each of Tasha's character traits, you can opt for a much paler skin tone to add to her evening exploits in your scenes.

Vampire woman surrounded by two loyal black wolves

Artist, Mada has created a wonderful outfit set that shows off the rugged, yet elegant features of this new character. We have created the textures for this Immortals Outfit and also for the texture pack too. This set adds options more for the daylight persona for Tasha 8, whereas the Alirisia Outfit and accompanying texture pack option caters more for Tasha's vampish alter-ego.

Warrior woman in red weilding two chain maces

Whether you opt more for the daytime Tasha or the evening Tasha in your renders, one thing's for sure - this is one you can really get your teeth into..

As always, we'd love to see your renders of this character, so be sure to show us your creations via the Moonscape Graphics Facebook page.

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