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Eloise Outfit released

Today a new outfit we worked on was released called Eloise Outfit.

Eloise Outfit comes with two texture sets in the base

This is a really cool dForce outfit and we had a lot of fun creating these textures. I think the way the knitted sweaters have turned out is pretty awesome thanks to Sade and her Paniter skills.

This product is also the first Daz original we have worked on that I rendered the promo images for too. Usually Daz hire another artist for the promo work on Daz Originals but this time they let me have a go. It was pretty interesting and I will be doing more in the future now too.

I can really recommend this outfit and found it really nice to render with. Check it out now and don't forget to check out the awesome texture expansion too.

Red headed woman in long black sweater dress and boots

If you are a Daz3D Platinum Club Member this outfit and the textures are also heavily discounted. If you want to become a Daz3D Platinum Club member check out their page on Daz3D

Platinum Club Membership

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