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Gallery Update - Jan 2019

I have added a few new images to my gallery and tweaked the design a little too.

The first image and the main banner of my gallery is the popular image 'The Break Up' this image was one that had been swimming around my head for a while and although it is kind of simple in a way it took a lot of tweaking and experiments to get the final look.

I did some research on DOF (Depth of Field) used in Movies etc. and also used a technique you often see in movies and TV where the camera is placec over the shoulder of the person you main subject is in a converstation with.

I also used the amazing Misumi by BlueJaunte as she has a really nice real-world look to her and I felt the emotion on her face worked better.

Misumi with sad expression and wearing Specs Appeal Glasses

Misumi is wearing Specs Appeal Glasses and the background scene is the Gallery Nook

This Monique Portrait is a brand new image featuring the incredible Monique 8 by Daz3D. Monique is such a beautiful character and always renders well. I was testing out these new Shaved Sides Dreads by SamSil. They were an instant buy for me and feature some awesome styles. The style I used here was the Lions Mane.

Monique 8 by Daz3D wearing Shaved Sides Dreads by Samsil

I will be updating the Moonscape Graphics Gallery more in the coming days so keep an eye out an in the meantime let me know what you think and choose your favourite image.


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