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New Outfits and Texture Packs

Yesterday was an exciting day, not only was the fantastic new character of Sydney 8 released but also three of our new outfit sets that will look great on this new character for Genesis 8 Female(s).

3D render by moonscape graphics of Sydney 8 by Daz3D

As shown in the promos, Sydney is a strong character than fits incredibly well into a variety of render settings - be it when she's sporting her messy bun hair and thick-rimmed glasses or showing off her incredible tattoos in the ideal outfit, this fierce female is ideal for adding that extra kick to yoru renders.

The new outfits released that complement Sydney 8 so well are the Shady Vale Outfit, the Sci-Fi Officer and the Sydney Denim Outfit, all complete with additional texture pack, that can be purchased to increase your options.

Shady Vale Outfit and Texture Pack Bring a touch of black magic into your scenes with the Shady Vale Outfit and Texture Pack. Complete with a huge variety of outfit options, this ensemble wouldn't be out of place in a Final Fantasy adventure. It's a stylish, mystical set that adds so much to any scene - especially with the addition of your own mini pet dragon at your side!

Sci-Fi Officer Officer and Texture Pack This formal yet elegant Sci-Fi Officer Outfit and Texture Pack shows the right amount of class and leadership for any officer in charge. Have fun with the colour-schemes and outfit options in this one and set your scene - the perfect location are the Echo Lima Halls; set your officer to stride down this sci-fi corridor, keeping everything in check.

Sydney Denim Outfit and Texture Pack The perfect outfit to show of those amazing tattoos at their best is this denim selection. This Sydney Denim Outfit and Texture Pack is complete with knee high boots and a buttoned down vest and denim skirt - but that's all that is buttoned down; this fiesty outfit is ideal for enhancing your character's strong nature and will pair perfectly with the bike of your choice; lead your biker gang to victory with this sassy selection!

All of the outfits and their corresponding texture packs can be purchased from Daz3D and, as usual, we'd love to see your renders - don't forget to share your images with us on the Moonscape Graphics' Facebook page.

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