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Free Precious Poses

Precious Playful Poses


I have created 12 free poses for the totally adorable Precious by Lady LittleFox

Cute Toon Deer character in a curious pose

There is a variety of different poses from cute standing poses to kicking and even laying down. Pretty much all you need to get you started on that perfectly cute toon animal render.

The Poses are primarily for the Deer character but will transfer to the other characters as well.

You can download the poses here

Precious Playful Poses

If you like these free poses and would like to contribute a little bit of cash as thanks I would be extremely grateful. If not I understand and hope you enjoy them.

If you'd like to make a donation via Paypal click the donate button below

Thank you!

#toon #cartoon #deer #animal #precious #dazstudio #preciousposes

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