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Introducing Noa

Like Alita before her Eren will soon be retiring as the face of Moonscape Graphics and handing over the mantle to our new girl Noa.

Portrait of a pretty girl with brown eyes and hair tied behind her ears

Noa's name means movement or motion in Hebrew and represents a new generation of Daz figure and strengthens her active and lively personality. She will help bring a new and exciting vibe to Moonscape promotional images.

Noa has a distinct look that is reminiscent of past faces of Moonscape Graphics including Eren, Alita and even as far back as Nena. (Brownie point if you remember her)

Noa is currently preparing for her first official shoot with Moonscape Graphics so in the meantime please enjoy these behind the scenes shots.

#noa #girl #newgirl #fit #fitness #yoga #daz3d #dazstudio

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