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Elijah 7 [Product Highlight]


An interesting character by Daz3D.

According to his description on Daz3D he is "... everything you want in a bad boy. He is devious, moody, scheming, intelligent, and looks the bad boy part. He has a “Do as I please” attitude, and does not let anyone stand in his way."

He seems to be inspired by several rockstars included Mick Jagger and has a thinner frame than most of the figures and characters released for Genesis 3 Male. This is what drew me to buying him originally. I prefer characters that have a more realistic, everyday style than the typical "perfect" look.

Elijah has several options for customisation including a Tattoo that can be placed on either arm and a few make-up options (a rare thing for male characters). These are all built on a great foundation. The skin shader for Ellijah is really nice and offers a pretty realistic tone with a pleasing Sub Surface Scattering/ Translucency.

Elijah mixed with Kenji 7

The Elijah Pro Bundle also comes with a collection of great clothes which actually work really well with Genesis 3 Female too.

Sapphire wearing buttoned up shirt available here:

Buttoned Up Shirt And Jeans

Eren wearing Millennial Business Wear

Products used is images:

Elijah 7 Pro Bundle

Kenji 7

Sapphire HD


Modern bathroom

Evi Hair

Records Room

Urban Future 4


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