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Grey Alien Preview

My latest product, Grey Alien for Genesis 3 Female, has finally been OK'd for release and I wanted to give you all a sneak preview of what you can expect.

Creating this character taught me a lot about Daz Studio as the custom morph required tweaks to the rigging of Genesis 3. This is something I had hardly touched before and is the main reason this character took so long.

I was also able to experiment a little with the various skin shaders and as well as a selection of colours (available in 3Delight and Iray) I came up with a couple of special Iray only options for you to enjoy.

Iridescent Skin:

Inspired by the shell of a beetle I wanted to create a skin shader that appeared to have a different colour from different angles. After some initial tests a managed to get an effect similar to the beetle shell but a little softer and slightly translucent so the skin still felt like skin. You can also see the option to have milky white eyes instead of the Black.

Glowing Skin:

Another cool skin shader is the Glow in the dark skin which actually emits light so you can get that eerie radioactive feel to the Grey.

I will post more images nearer the release date so keep you eyes peeled on my Facebook page for updates. Let me know what you think of the Grey in the comments below.

The Grey Alien for Genesis 3 Female is scheduled for release on 9th April 2016 from Daz3d


John "retrodevil"

#alien #grey #greyalien #xfiles #spooky #ET #UFO #cryptozoology #iray #dazstudio #daz #store

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