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New Free Stuff section

I have updated the Free Stuff page with some of my most popular free items and I will have more soon.

One of the goals of is to provide one location where you can access all of the content available from retrodevil and the new freestuff section will pool together all of the free items I have on offer across several websites.

Each item will have a preview image, description and a link to the website the items are hosted on. Some items in the future will have direct links to items stored in DropBox.

I will keep working on adding the rest of the items to the Freestuff page and will update you here when I add a new item.



p.s. If you have any suggestions for items you would like to see in FreeStuff let me know. Think little single props etc. If it is something I can do I will try and fit it in there.

#free #freestuff #poser #dazstudio #retrodevil #3dcontent #freecontent

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