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Alt Skin Shader for Genesis 8 Female

November 25, 2020

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This Skin shader for Genesis 8 Female uses the same basic textures you get with the FREE Genesis 8 Female figure but tweaks the shader to be a little more lifelike and useful (IMO)

The texture files themselves aren't bad in terms of quality but the default shader is a little lacklustre. This shader/material preset hopefully solves that issue.

This alternative Shader is perfect for beginners who want to get a good head start on creating nice renders before having to go and buy the 'better' characters.

If you find this file useful please consider donating and head over to my website for more freestuff.


N.B. Genesis 8 Female by Daz3D is required

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Ring Light Camera

June 29, 2020

This Ring Light camera is a Daz Studio Camera preset with an included ring light prop. The ring light is illuminated giving your renders a super cool look.

Included are 3 light temperatures for a Neutral, Warm or Cool tone.


Daz Studio and Iray required to use.

BUD Figure for Daz Studio

January 29, 2020

BUD is the main character from the Ubisoft game Grow Home and Grow Up.

This model was created in Silo and set up for use in DazStudio. This is a fan art creation and I do not own the rights to BUD or Grow Home/Grow Up. Use of this product is strictly for non commercial use only.

Thanks and Enjoy

Genesis 8 makeup LIE Collection

June 14, 2019

Genesis 8 makeup LIE Collection is an ever-growing collection of Makeup Presets for Genesis 8 Female.

Created as LIE (Layered Image Presets) these makeup layers can be applied to any Genesis 8 Female character. Choose your favourite character and apply these presets over the top of the base texture.

This initial release contains 1 Eyeliner preset and 2 eyeshadow presets (same coverage at different levels of thickness).

I will be adding to this collection on a regular basis with new and exciting makeup styles. Each in LIE format so they can be applied to whatever character you fancy.


You can download this product for FREE but please if you enjoy this ever-increasing collection of makeups consider donating a little cash. More donations equal more content.

Thank you for checking out this product and be sure to let your friends know about this download and check back regularly for updates.



Sushi Set Freebie

March 31, 2019

This Sushi Set comes complete with the bowl, plate,sushi,shopsticks, and the rest.

Originally released for Poser, it has now been updated to work in Daz Studio Iray.

Skull Face Paint

January 01, 2020

This file contains a skull face paint texture for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 in .jpg format. To apply simply navigate to you figures Face and Lips surfaces and replace the original face Base Color Map with this skull paint image.

For best results turn translucency off (or way down) on the face and lips by sliding the Translucency slider to the left.

September 24, 2017

I created this beautiful Japanese character as a freebie for something that never panned out so I have decided to release it to everyone here on my website!


Keiko is a free character morph for Genesis 3 Female. No textures included but the textures used are the textures from Mei Lin by Daz3D.


July 14, 2016

Natasha is a free character morph for Genesis 3 Female.

To use Natasha you must own Daz Studio with Genesis 3 Female and Victoria 7 & Olympia 7.


Natasha is a shape only character so no textures are included.


If you like this character please visit my store at Daz3D for more Daz Studio products:


NOTE:The skin textures used in these promos are from Emi by Lyoness available at Daz3D.

Iray Studio Light Set

February 09, 2016

This scene will only work properly in Daz Studio Iray renders.

It includes a backdrop, Two light emitting primitive planes, Two spot light props and two cameras.



February 09, 2016

Billy is a morph for Genesis 2 Male by DAZ3D.


To make use of this morph Michael 6 is required.


Scout Trooper Armour

February 10, 2016

Scout Trooper Armour based on the Speeder Bikers from return of the Jedi. Fitted to M4

Mirror Prop

February 10, 2016

This Free mirror prop is an Add-on for The Japanese Room, available at Renderosity.

Doll mask

February 09, 2016

Freaky Doll Mask prop.


Fitted to V4 but the mask will load and work for most figures in Poser and Daz Studio.

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